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Structural modification of a non-selective aminocyclohexanol-based heat shock protein 90 KDa (Hsp90) inhibitor led to a highly selective inhibitor of glucose regulated protein 94 kDa (Grp94). The new Grp94-selective inhibitor can be used to develop an effective therapy for the treatment of metastatic cancer and/or primary open angle glaucoma (POAG).
Category(s): therapeutics
Subcategory(s): small-molecules
Inventor(s): Brian Blagg, Sanket Mishra, Suman Ghosh , Chad Dickey , Andrew Stothert

Small camera/collection device that collects samples all along the surface of the esophagus, increasing disease detection rate.
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Keyword(s): tissue
Inventor(s): Lane K Christenson, Ajay Bansal, Nick Baker, Ryan Baskins, Parker Gill, Hadi Alzuabi, Nourouddin Sharifi, John Stark

This novel process uses atomic layer deposition (ALD) to grow a tunnel barrier one atomic layer at a time. Placed between two electrically conducting materials, a tunnel barrier forms a tunnel junction. Electrons pass through the barrier by quantum tunneling. This process forms more uniform, thinner, and lower defect tunnel barriers. By improving the likelihood of quantum tunneling, this process creates higher performing tunnel junction devices.
Category(s): materials
Subcategory(s): lithography
Keyword(s): film, nano, semiconductor
Inventor(s): Judy Wu, Jamie Wilt

A low-cost telemedicine tool featuring a virtual reality (VR) interface has been designed and developed to assist with the evaluation and diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease, thereby enabling greater access to care and earlier diagnosis for patients with neurological disorders; even for those in remote areas, or with limited transportation options.
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Inventor(s): Hannes Devos, Jason Orlosky, John Morgan

Use of a genetic dereplication strategy eliminates major known SM biosynthetic pathways in Aspergillus nidulans, reducing the complexity of SM profiles and activating an abundance of silent SM gene clusters to enable identification of a new pool of fungal products for drug discovery.
Inventor(s): Berl R. Oakley, Manmeet Ahuja, Ruth A Entwistle, Christine E. Oakley , Yi-Ming Chiang , Clay Wang

This invention is a molecular screen to predict which patients’ non-invasive breast tumors will eventually progress to invasive breast cancers.
Subcategory(s): assays, biomarkers
Keyword(s): cancer
Inventor(s): Wei Bin Fang, Nikki Cheng

A handheld surgical device that will allow safe, complete and controlled removal of subretinal fluid during retinal detachment repair surgery.
Category(s): medical-devices
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Keyword(s): ophthalmology
Inventor(s): Ajay Singh

Selective heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) and glucose regulated protein 94 (Grp94) inhibitors that can be used to develop an effective therapy for treating primary open angle glaucoma (POAG).
Category(s): therapeutics
Subcategory(s): healthcare, small-molecules
Keyword(s): cancer, hsp90, inflammation
Inventor(s): Brian Blagg

The small molecules in this work represent a novel composition of matter that can be used as either Kappa Opioid Receptor (KOR) agonists or antagonists. Further some of the compounds have been shown to weak agonists making them ideal to explore for the use of addiction.
Subcategory(s): biochemicals, small-molecules
Inventor(s): Jeffrey Aube, Kevin J. Frankowski, Kevin Li, Thomas E. Prisinzano, Partha Ghosh, David Whipple

The invention describes CD44-selective nanovector systems for cancer-targeted delivery of molecular therapeutics.
Subcategory(s): healthcare, stem-cells
Keyword(s): cancer, nano
Inventor(s): Liang Xu , Xiaojie Meng , Xinbao Hao